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Sep. 19th


Ecclesiastes 3:1

As we are now nearing the fall season of the year we know that winter will soon follow. Timing is important. Have we made preparation for the winter months? As we enter the fall and winter seasons, let’s look back and think of what we have accomplished for the Lord.

I might compare the seasons of the year with life. I think of spring as the young enthusiastic life, summer as the young adult preparing for the future, fall as the middle adult life that is busy and more settled and winter I compare to the older adult life when we might look back and reminisce.

As I think of the earlier seasons of my life and now being in the winter, what does God have for me to do?

God has a plan and a purpose for everyone. He created us to love, honor and glorify Him and to love others. Not only do I think of the past year, but also what have I done for him through my life time?

Let’s make the most of the time as we prepare for the “winter” of our life.

Frona Billeter









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